Our Objective

The objective of the Long Surname DNA Project is to enable Longs to expand and refine their family trees using genetic information to identify the progenitors of the Long families and their geographical origins and migration paths.

The Long surname frequency ranks 87th in the USA, 198th in England, 161st in Ireland, 179th in Wales, and 874th in Scotland.

How Y-DNA Testing Works

Learn how Y-DNA testing can track the paternal line through the Y chromosome.

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Learn who our participants are and how you can participate.

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Privacy and Security

Learn how you can keep your data and identity private and secure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Eligibility and How Do I Order a Test?  See the Join Page.

  • Who is Participating?  Go to our Participants Page.  Search on the names of counties where your earliest known Long ancestors lived.

  • How Much Does It Cost?  The regular group rate for a Y-DNA test is:  $49 for the 12-marker test, $124 for the 25-marker test, $149 (~ £96.4) for the 37-marker test (recommended), $239 for the 67-marker test and $339 for the 111-marker test.   Check with the Group Administrator is see if any specials are in effect. 

  • Is This Private and Secure? If you or your Long relative wish to remain anonymous, no problem!  Just sign up as “Anonymous Long” or choose a fictitious name.  Anonymous participants will be identified by their test kit number.  Participants, whether anonymous or not, can also elect to keep their haplotype information private.  See the Security & Privacy page.

  • How Do I Get My Test Results? Test results can be accessed from the FTDNA Long Page which displays buttons that you can click on to get the specific Y-DNA or mitochondrial DNA marker values associated with each kit number.  It may take several minutes for the data to appear.  No actual discussion of results is provided.  (Such discussions are typically carried-on between individual group participants having matching results.)