Suite 926
18 Broadway
New York

March 22nd, 1915

Dear Jack

Received yours of 9th inst last Saturday and as
I like to clear up correspondence as it comes in am replying
to it now.

I note your explanation regarding the balance
due me, which, though I cannot recall the circumstances
without going through my files, is entirely satisfactory.
Certainly I do not blame you or and one else for any "ommission"
in the statement referred to; I don't for one moment think or
believe that there is wittingly a ommission or commission in
the statement. My reference to the fact to you was merely
that I had forgotten your and my relationship in the matter
referred to, and the shortest way to get the information was
to write you on the subject.

Yes Jack I know things have changed since I
left home. have ample proof of the fact over here. I don't
want to "understand" things other than as they exist legally
and in black and white. The surprise to me is the complete
lack of business intelligence and wisdom which seems to exist
in and amongst all. A pretty example of this is the fact that
on Dec 28th I mailed Sam the statements received from the other
side and I have not heard from him since; he did write Bee
on the subject, his letter was insinuative. What he should
have done was to return the papers to me with his reports,
and have me return same with my reports to Bee and Harry. This
is but an instance of the whole. Thus Jack if you  review the
entire situation intelligently, I think you will not say "that
had I come over the whole matter would have been settled
long ago". My dear fellow it would have been as hard to
treat with the bunch as it is with Germany; the circumstances
are almost parallel, they seem to have forgotten every
thing and took thought for or of nothing. It is but logic
to assume that is people will pay no attention to you by
correspondence, they will take no heed of you if present;
besides I certainly knew that I could not handle, nor would I
try, the three parties at interest over here. Besides I am
really least interested in the whole matter, why should I
waste time on people who will not sit down and just think
the situation over sanely, and seek to undo the errors in the
Will made by father in his dotage. Had there been a legal fight
I certainly would have come over, and I have no doubt the
entire matter would have ben would up in short order, but
would it have been wound up pleasantly for all is the question.
The whole situation in a nutshell is this; everyone should have
co-porated (sic) with the other to straighten things out, worked in
harmony for mutual interests; instead father was not cold in
grave before the dogs, so to speak, began to fight over the
bones. I got mad, rather disgusted, and simply wanted an excuse
to reward all according to their acts, and I say now that
I am glad the opportunity did not come, for I don't want or
desire to do any one a hurt;, thus Jack you se my coming
over would not have accomplished anything such as you imagine
it would. It is not to late now for all to get together and
put things on a solid footing, looking to every ones interest
both now and for the future. One thing it is but fair
to keep before you; you know how complicated father kept
everything, it was not like taking hold of a situation where
books were kept up to date and in perfect order; so I blame
no one for the delay, but I do say, that if all had co-operated
for mutual good, I firmly believe the whole situation would
have been cleaned up a long time ago. So don't harbor in your mind
that had I come over I could have settled things long ago, for
such is far from the case - if you know the inside conditions.

Glad to hear that your business is good; I
have no doubt but when the war ends we will more than make
up for lost time, I am quite satisfied for the present to
keep on floating.

Pleased to see that you are getting up in
Masonry, and to hear good news of old "68". I demitted from
my Milwaukee lodges in Jan 1900 and have not affiliated with
any since; the cause is, there is too little "labor" and to much
"refreshment" in the average lodge in this City. Perhaps my
masonic ideals are to high, but they are those which were
instilled into me where I first saw "light"; let me tell you
right here, that in all my travels, and though I have seen
perfect work, with the most perfect settings and stage work,
none compared masonically to my mother Lodge - old 68. Often
I have thought what a power of good that little lodge could
be, how it could help its brethren along in the battle of life
and to success if it would put into actual practice the teaching
and spirit of masonry. Only this week I was out with a
party of Surveyors surveying some land, one of them turned
out to be a W.M and was in his third term of office. He invited
me to visit his lodge and stay over night at his home, as his
lodge is about fifty miles from town,; I told him I was so
rusty that I could not enter a lodge without some working up
as I had not visited a lodge in over 14 years. He said he
knew I was a mason the moment I shook hands with him, "but to
prove I am right" said he let me give you a simple test; here
he broke off two twigs about 12" long, bent them into shape
of square and compass and asked me to place them for the
1st, 2nd and 3rd, of course I had not forgotten this and I did
it so easily that there was no mistaking my knowledge and so he
said, you will have no trouble entering the lode over which
I preside, I will vouch or you.  He was so nice about
it and his general bearing made me feel he was a real decent
fellow, and as a result I have been since able to put a nice
fee in his way. I believe in practical masonry, or applied
masonry; I have no use, interest or consideration for mere
word masonry. I might tell you lots more about the masons
I have met and what I think of them, but it would need a book
so will end at this chapter.

I must now stop and get home. Glad to see that
you are all well. Remember me to Mr. Devine, tell him I
have not forgotten him.

With heartiest regards to you and yours,

Sincerely yours
R W Long

Gordon, his wife & little one called on us
recently, they are all well.