243 Centre Street
New York

June 1st, 1906

My dear Jack

I duly received your favour of recent date and note all you say. From your
letter there appears to have arisn just what I tried to avoid when I wanted you
to personally arrange for the mortgage and take over the premises as security,
but no use crying over spilt milk.

Now so far as the ownership goes, I really don't know how I stand now, that is
to say, I don't know how Boss as obligated the
place himself or me as regards the loan to pay off Miss Green. The place was
mine and I assume is still, however before going into this matter I will write
boss and just find out where I stand. There are reasons obvious why I don't
care about holding the place at present, and also the my desire to avoid any
unpleasantness for you by getting it into your hands. The best thing I can do
is to write Boss and find out particulars from him, one thing you can be
assured of is, I want you to be treated right just as I should like to be
treated myself. When I hear from Boss I will write you ar once.

I hope you are getting fixed and that you find business fine.

We are crawling into the Summer over here, weather beautiful and fine.

Gordon has changed his job, he is now working
on the Telephone department of the N Y Central R R, he likes it mush better and
he will have better prospects.

Hope things are booming in Youghal, by this time the visitors will be
commencing to fill in.

We are all on the bakers list over here, hope you all are the same.

Will close now and get home, you will hear from me moment I hear from Boss,
meanwhile you can be assured that you must be treated right.

Best and affectionate regards from all here
Aff yours
Richard W Long