247 Centre Street
New York

July 11/06

Dear Jack

I duly received yours on the 16th ulto,soon after its receipt was called out of
town and while away overlooked replying, have just got back and hasten to reply.

First., Bee and the girls can hole the property absolutely 
as security pending the payment of their money back. Will write Bee
to this effect. 

Second., Regarding transferring lease to you,. The only draw back to this 
is the poor old Boss; Unnecessary for me to go into past history
beyond to say, I rescued the premises ar a time when Boss would have 
lost them, yet the poor old man imagines that he gave them to me. I
don't want to hurt his feelings in any way so am slow to make this drastic move
for his sake, here is a p;an however which will get around his objections and
will at the same time fill the bill.

Third., I to transfer the lease over to you on conditions that you pay ground
rent, Taxes etc., and pay a nominal rent of Ten Pounds per annum, I having the
privilege of purchasing back the premises any time after five years and before
ten years upon paying the Two Hundred Pounds less the Ten pounds per year rent,
the purchase price would be One Hundred and Fifty Pounds. With this arrangement
you would be fulfilling all the requirements of the Building Society etc.

Fourth., Of course Boss should have his portion of the premises free so long as
he occupies same.

The foregoing plan appear to me to be a simple way out of the tangle, it takes
away all objections which Father may raise, at the same time places you in the
position of sole lessee, thus fulfilling all the requirements of the Building
Society. To save time I will enclose a letter for father and if the foregoing
arrangement meets with your approval you can seal Fathers letter and hand it to
him, he I am sure will consent, then you can go right ahead and make necessary

I have yours of the 27th and 39th ulto, the former adds nothing new which my
suggested plan does not cover, the latter I will write you in reply in a few

Hoping that the matter can now be straightened out without further delay, and
with very best regards, I am

Very affectionately yours
Richard W Long

Read contents of fathers letter which will make the matter more clear then seal
same, if plan is aprovable to you, and deliver to him.