247 Centre Street
New York

June 15/06

Dear Jack

Yours of 2nd inst duly received and carefully noted. This letter crossed one
or two of my letters.

Now Jack so far as the old Post Office goes I cannot add
more to what I said in my last, that is, send me full particulars
of what you want and I will at once take it up with Father
and arrange matters to the entire satisfaction of you both. 
I believe in fair play all round, but as you well say, Father is
old and we must cater to his ways and not offend his feelings by any act on
our part.

Now than regarding what you say about Devonshire Square., I am sincerely
sorry to hear what you say - BUT - I looked for nothing else. Now Jack let
me have a plain few words with you, don't take them unkindly from me, no one
but you and I will be the wiser of what I say, and if it touches you a
little close you must not think I want to blame you or to reproach you in
any way, so here goes.,

Now Jack we have over in this country a class of persons, male and female,
who are for ever delighted to say "I told you so", now I am not one of them,
but I want to say that unfortunately your and the other boys and girls
rearing was at fault. Lil and May should have stood near Martha,
and neither they or Gordon and Hugh 
should have been brought home from Belfast that time, In Belfast the Torrenses 
were strict, but that strictness would have made men and women of them. Now let
me illustrate another point to show the evidence of this spoiled condition.
When Gordon came out here he did not seem to have the idea of manhood, he
had no hesitance to ask for money and took all as a matter of fact and he
could spend it as fast as he got it. I took the situation in at a glance and
made up my mind that to spoon and bottle feed him would mean ruin to him,
and from his manner and ideas I know that to bring him to my home would make
it unpleasant for my wife, who only knows what American boy and manhood is,
so I saw that there was only one thing to do, that was throw him upon his
own resources and then watch over him; I did it, and Gordon today is a
monument to that successful treatment, he is a man from the top of his head
to the soles of his feet. Now while talking of Gordon I want to spit off my
mind a little matter which I have against Harry and you, it is that Harry as an
uncle, and you as a brother should have allowed Gordon 
to come to this vast country with less than 
TWO POUNDS IN HIS POCKETS, this has always stuck in my mind as an
outrage to all that the mind can conceive as decent or anything else. I felt
this act more than any words I could use could describe and it cut so deep
that it has never left my mind. Now you see I am plain Jack Blunt. Just
think Jack, you landing in a city ahead of London without a Hat on your
head, shoes on your feet not fit to wear, A well worn suit of rough tweed,
and little or no underware (sic). Jack I ask you do you wonder at my feeling
so bad against Gordon's Uncle and brother????

Now Jack this brings me to the vital point., I have no doubt that had I
brought Gordon into my home to live, that I would have undermined its
foundation of domestication, for my wife naturally could not understand his
ways and was not bound to submitted have all the home upset for my
relations, no more than I would for hers. Now Bee married Joe and brought him
back to Youghal, as I understand it, his pay and what Father brings in is
all resources which come into the house. Now Jack, Joe is not bound to
contribute to the support of Hugh and the Girls, and when I say this I want
to say that I am perfectly ignorant of facts on this point, as I have asked
the question over and over again from Bee, and have received no reply, so I
am going on the supposition, so that if what I say be facts to your
knowledge you may be able to help in a measure to right what you state about
Devon Sq. Now you know what you are paying Hugh, Now I would like to find
out what he is paying Bee for his board and lodging; Will you do this and
let me know ????. Then as for the girls; To me it is an awful thing to see
two fine girls growing into old age depending on others. There was a time in
my life when I looked on things differently to what I do now, and no doubt
possibly the same idea exists today in Youghal, but how much better would
have it been for the girls to go away and get a situation and learn to be
independant and self reliant, then if they wanted to c me back to Youghal
why all right. Now they are in the prime of their lives, women, and as you
say they take part in the trouble at Devonshire Sq. Now Jack don't you see
that they being dependant on Devonshire Sq ought to keep their mouths shut,
and I can't blame Joe if he takes exception to their "butting" in to his
private affairs. Now Jack you have opened up this subject of your own free
will and I am not going to let you drop it until you help to change
conditions. Upon your shoulders rests more responsibility in this matter
than in any other hands. Now Jack what have you done for the girls to guide
and help them. Just tell me all will you, and if you have absolutely
neglected them and left them to others I won't feel bad, but let us put our
heads close together and work this problem out, never to late to mend. Just
tell me all the honest conditions as to what you have done and how the girls
have been living and supporting themselves and as I say we will work out
some way to an end.

Now as to my going over. Jack Lad, When U left home it was all that could
be, it is pictured ss such in my heart, and I would hate to remove or alter
that picture, thus it is that I have never cared to come home. my wife wants
to go to Europe and I would like to go, but how could I take her to see a
place as you describe it, and as I have pictured it to her. Then I could not
go over without her, so I cannot see any chance of my getting over to
straighten out matters in my presence. We will have to put that aside, I
never want to see home again unless it is as Sunny as when I left it, when
that time comes I'll be there in quick time, BUT not till then. However we
dont have to have my presence you and I can settle the whole matter, if you
are sincere and will put your shoulder to the wheel to help me.Make naket
(sic) all conditions of things to me regarding the girls and Hugh, financial
and otherwise and it wont take you and I long to map out a plan of campaign
(sic) which we can FORCE. Will you do it????????????????????????????????????

From my knowledge of old country folk as illustrated by Gordon at his
arrival and from Mrs Henry Green at her arrival, I hope to God that I again
be connected with a third arrival, Not for mine so it is that I can realize
the cause underlying the trouble at Devon Sq.

Now Jack we can settle all if you help me and in as much as you have opened
on the subject I have taken it up with you to a finish.

I must close now. write me fully and leave out no details and you will be
surprised at how easy it will be to solve the problem.

Very best love love to your circle from
Affectionately yours
Richard W Long (signed)

Excuse Hassell (written at bottom)