247 Centre Street
New York

March 2/06

Dear Jack

I am truly surprised at your silence when a matter of urgent business needs
attention. You know that if a proposition does not suit, or if it is not
convenient for you to handle it, it is business and courtesy to reply by return
and say what you desire in the matter. You know I would not ask you to do
something which I did not think would be to your entire benefit.

I have written to Father by this mail in
which I ask him to make you the following proposition, to wit

That if you can assume Miss Green's
mortgage, say for a term of five years, that I would be willing for you to have
the premises free for that time you paying the ground rent, taxes etc.

Will you please go and see Father at once and arrange matters with him so that
we can close Miss Greens matter in a business way and appear to Verlin
as Mickies who know nothing. I am sending a copy of this letter to Father
so that he will know what I have written you and so that you both can talk
business to each other and end this matter at
once. Kindly don't neglect this any longer.

Hope you are all well, Gordon is looking
fine, and the rest of the bunch are on the bakers list.

With best love to self and wife, I am
Affectionately yours
Richard W Long