199 Centre Street
New York

May 18/04

Dear Jack
As promised I write to tell you that I had a letter from Father
on Monday in which he states that he has recently writen to the
P O authorities on the subject of the post office and awaits their reply.
He, Father, asks me if I have any objection his taking the matter up with you and
doing what he can, I have written him that in as much that he has the entire
matter in his hands I would appreciate his and your getting together. I feel sure
that the Governor has your interests at heart as well as mine and his own,
consequently am sure he will do what is right to give you any benefits which is in
the deal. You will therefore take the matter up with Father please  and anything
he says or does to forward your interests I am agreeable to. I will copy this
letter and send the Copy to Father so that he will know exactly what I say on the
subject and so that he and you can come together as business men and not be
waiting for each other to speak first but get together and talk matters over.

Mr Eskie. Green leaves here on Saturday for a
hliday and will sail by the same boat as will take this.

Very pleased to hear Hugh is in Belfast, I only
hope he will appreciate his oppertunity and not be foolish as before.

Gordon is doing nicely and seems very content.
He us well and much improve.

Nothing particularly astounding over here, things move along quitely.

Hope all your circle are well and the little one growing bigger and stronger daily.

Must get off to fill a call now so adieu for the present. With affectionate
regards to all, I am
Your aff Uncle
Richard W Long

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